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Solo Assist

Solo Assist allows the surgeon to perform laparoscopic surgery independently of an assistant to hold the laparoscope or deploy the assistant as a 3rd or 4th instrument.  

You the surgeon determine the image yourself; there are no misunderstandings, shakes or tiring.

Positioning is precise and sensitive.

Simple and intuitive operation with a joystick than can fit all available instruments, and an additional manual control or optional wireless joystick.

The human hand is our most accurate and precise tool. Manual work is performed intuitively and without any mental interference. This is why you guide the SOLOASSIST with an ergonomic joystick – simply easy!

Stable positioning of the endoscope to obtain a rock steady image despite the duration and demands of the procedure.

Thanks to its carbon structure, the SOLOASSIST is ultra-stable. It does not shake or tilt the horizon offering a relaxing and safer way to work.

Unhindered access to the operative site, no inconvenient components impeding the trocar area.

The SOLOASSIST supports the endoscope from above, leaving ample room for your instruments; there is no need to alter the way you normally work.

Simple handling, can be set up and is ready for use in just 2 minutes and disassembled the same.

Quick and easy set-up and disassembly. The SOLOASSIST is attached directly to the operating table and covered with a sterile drape while the patient is being prepared for surgery.


Thanks to the flexible concept of reusable components, the SOLOASSIST is ready for the next surgical intervention immediately after completion of the last one – no waiting times.

Better scheduling efficiency

The SOLOASSIST is always available to provide assistance, in the evening, at night and at weekends.

SOLOASSIST - image boost for your clinic

Surgoens running a clinic are increasingly faced with competition for patients and qualified personnel from other clinics and hospitals. In addition to medical competence, a modern and positive image is one of the most important competitive advantages. Document your leadership in terms of innovation by implementing robotic surgery using the SOLOASSIST.



The SOLOASSIST is completely maintenance free. Expenditure for disposable drapes is negligible.

SOLOASSIST - an asset for training allowing redeployment of the surgical assistant and more effective work flow planning.


Solo Assist putting the surgeon in command of what they see!

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